Our very first supporters!!!  Ingrid Baranano Tolley (r), Kim Tolley (l) and lovely Maddie (c)


David and Paula White Greschler - we love you guys!


Arla Rolston - thank you, thank you for your generous contribution xo

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Ben (l), Lynn (c) and Kevin (r) Brennan - thank you!! xo

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The inimitable Bobby Muller - what else can be said??  xo


Mandy and Conrad Gees - thank you for your support!

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Sheila Merritt and Andria (A.T.) Towne - we love you guys

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Hannah Bouret -

you have a big heart! xo

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Karen Langley and Charlie Carr - you two are incredible xo

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Dave McGee (l) - what can we say?  Your friendship goes back a long way - we're thankful to have you join us xo


Kee Adams Evans - everyone needs someone like you in their lives.  Honoring Anny, who is immortalized in the film xoxo

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Melinda Miller!!  We are going to reach our goal with people like you on our side xo

DL Hamilton from Dave's hometown - what great spirit you have, Mountain Mama!

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My beautiful Aunty Liz - always my biggest supporter.  Love you always xo

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Two beautiful souls - Lisa and Kenny Sandler xo

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One truly decent human being with a huge heart - Ken Wilson (aka Uncle Ken) xo


Oh Paicey - one of my oldest friends.  What can I say?  xoxo


Jane Singleton Stark - thank you for believing in this film xo


Missy Cohen-Fyffe - thank you for your support!


Marnie Sinclair!!  Thank you so very much xo


Michael Muehe - what an awesome contribution!  xo

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Janet Dooley - THANK YOU so very much


SAM POWELL!!!!  Yes.....  xo

I think I may know these 3 dudes - Thomas (l), Ben (c) and Dunc (r).  Oh wait - they are my HEART.  Thanks for believing xoxo


Wayne Smith - you gave us everything in your interview.  Thank you xo